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#55: How to Personalize Your North Texas Wedding Venue: Adding Your Signature Style

Welcome to another episode of Behind the Party Podcast! Before we dive into this list of 10 ways YOU can Personalize Your Wedding Venue: Adding Your Signature Style We want to say a HUGE thank you for listening in.

We started this podcast to help not only the couples we get to celebrate with at our North Texas Venue - Hawthorn Hills - but also other couples, clients, and industry pros across the county. By listening in, and hitting that follow/subscribe button you’ve helped us connect around the globe and we are so grateful!

Today we have an exciting topic for all the couples planning their dream wedding in the beautiful North Texas region. We'll be discussing "How to Personalize Your Wedding Venue: Adding Your Signature Style." Your wedding day should reflect your unique love story, and we have some fantastic tips and examples to help you infuse your personal style into your chosen venue. So, let's dive right in!

Personalizing your wedding venue is all about adding those special touches that make it truly yours. Here are 10 tips and examples to inspire you:

Tip #1 - Embrace that Local Flair

  • Incorporate elements of local culture, such as serving signature local dishes or offering a themed signature cocktail.

  • Use native flowers and greenery in your floral arrangements to showcase the beauty of the region.

  • Display local art or handmade crafts as part of your decor to highlight the local artistic talent.

  • In Texas this is SO EASY and a huge hit with your guests, especially when a large portion are from out of state.

Tip #2 - Meaningful Signage

  • Take the time to create custom signs that reflect your personality and direct guests to various areas of your venue.

  • Use chalkboards, wooden signs, or acrylic boards with hand-lettered messages to add a personal touch.

  • Include quotes or lyrics that hold special meaning to you and your partner.

  • Not crafty? Or maybe you just really value your free time/date nights and don’t want to spend weeks working on DIY projects? Way to have a great life balance! Check out local rental or signage companies and quickly check those off your list.

Tip #3 - Personalized Vows

  • Write your own vows to express your love and commitment in your own words.

  • Consider incorporating personal anecdotes or inside jokes that reflect your unique bond.

  • Share your vows during the ceremony at your chosen venue, surrounded by loved ones.

  • Do they need to be long? NOPE. Do they have to be serious? NO WAY!

  • Maybe public speaking makes you want to hide in a closet - you can exchange vows just the two of you during your first look before the guests arrive in a private setting and during the ceremony itself have the officiant explain. Voila good by stage fright!

Tip #4 - Unique Seating Arrangements

  • Move away from traditional seating plans and consider non-traditional options.

  • Create lounge areas with comfortable seating for guests to relax and mingle.

  • Use vintage or eclectic furniture pieces to add character and create a cozy atmosphere.

Tip #5 - Signature Cocktails and Bar

  • Work with your venue or professional bar service to craft signature cocktails that reflect your taste.

  • Create custom drink names that tie in with your wedding theme or personal story.

  • Design a personalized bar menu that showcases your favorite drinks and includes a brief description of their significance.

  • Psst this is a great way to incorporate your pets, inside jokes, favorite shows etc. as well.

Tip # 6 - Creative Guest Book Alternatives

  • Step away from the traditional guest book and opt for interactive alternatives.

  • Set up a photo booth with props and have guests leave personalized messages on the photos.

  • Create a unique guest book by having guests sign a large wooden sign, a canvas, or even a customized puzzle.

  • Newest favorite? VIDEO confessionals or telephone recordings where your guests use the guest book phone to leave you voicemails.

Tip # 7 - Personalized Lighting

  • Work with your venue to create customized lighting designs that match your vision.

  • Incorporate string lights, lanterns, or fairy lights to add a romantic and enchanting ambiance.

  • Use custom monograms or initial projections on walls or the dance floor to personalize the space.

Tip # 8 - Thoughtful Favors

  • Provide wedding favors that reflect your interests or hobbies as a couple.

  • Consider locally sourced or handmade items that showcase the region, your favorite things to do locally, and more.

  • Personalize the favors with custom tags or labels that include your names and wedding date.

Tip # 9 - Signature Tablescapes

  • Create a unique setting that captures your style and personality.

  • Encourage guests to interact with and notice the small details you incorporate around.

Tip # 10 - Customized Entertainment

  • Hire live performers or musicians who can incorporate your favorite songs into their setlist.

  • Create a playlist that reflects your musical taste and share it with your DJ or band.

  • Consider interactive entertainment options like live painting, a cigar rolling station, or a DIY craft corner.

And there you have it - a list of tips and examples to help you personalize your North Texas wedding venue and add your signature style. Remember, this is your special day, and infusing it with elements that are meaningful to you and your partner will create a memorable and unique celebration.


Listen to the Episode HERE


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