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#39: Weddings on a Budget

Weddings on a budget - oi we can feel the tension already. We have listed to and read messages from hundreds if not thousands of couples “budgeting” for the wedding. In this episode we are going give you helpful actionable tips.

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The worst part? Is trying to figure it out when you are at the start and have absolutely no idea what is reasonable and what is unrealistic. Odds are you have never planned a wedding, OR if you have but it’s been years than you are about to have a shock at how quickly things can change in the event and wedding industry.

We believe that this amazing celebration you are hosting is just that - a celebration. It is not the future or core of your marriage and relationship so for those of you tackling this planning thing on a budget - you’ve got this and you have us in your corner.

Setting budgets:

Where are the fund coming from? you, parents, savings?

We go in depth on this in the episode (so go take a listen) or hop over to EPISODE #49 to dive in more to this topic specifically.

If YOU are paying for the wedding yourselves:

If you + you don’t have much saved, how should you figure out a decent budget?

Investopia: look at your monthly budget, how much can you realistically save each month? What do you already have saved for the wedding? When do you want to have the wedding (how many months can you save for)? Take the amount you can save x number of months and add what you already have. Voila.

Maroo is an option now too, as is credit cards but let’s keep a debt-free focus today.


You need to have a discussion with your parents and determine certain things to keep your planning on track but also to not muddy the waters in the weeks/months of planing to come.

What are general ways to keep costs down?

  • Guest count - the more people, the quickly this adds up!

  • Date/time of wedding (non-Saturday dates can save so much money)

    • Brunch vs dinner/reception

  • Food/alcohol

  • Location

  • DIY, renting vs buying

  • ** Hiring a planner **

Priorities - why is it important to know these before you start?

These are very unique to each couple, and your vision is going to be very different from even your own friends. One person may care a lot about video, but the other may prefer photos. Finding out what is your (both of you) priority is very important so that you know where you can cut out / back your budget and where you should splurge a bit more.

Things you should discuss when determining their priorities?

Knowing what you want your wedding to feel like - formal versus informal is a perfect example. Do you want to have photos to look back and remember the day? Or do you prefer to create an in-the-moment experience for your guests - then go for the animals during cocktail hour?

Figuring out your priorities is actually not too difficult, but in reality, can be figured out with a simple conversation together and asking what you picture your day looking like.

When searching for vendors we see a lot of “not an arm or a leg”, “someplace affordable”, DJ for a budget, etc. This also ends up not getting you the results that you truly want - and the reasoning is pretty simple. There is a better way to go about it, or to ask for suggestions. Giving people the important information up front gives them the tools to help you in the best way possible - we want to help and support you and can only do that if we have those key pieces of information to do so.

TIPS for stretching the budget, budgeting for the wedding, etc

  • Emergency / extra funds budget

  • Track ALL spending

  • Spring for insurance

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