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#06: How I Met Your Bestie

Do you ever have an experience like “wow, the world really is small”?

Today we are talking about how we met, became colleagues, and eventually weaseled our way into each other’s hearts and became friends!

As you may already know, Amanda is the leader of the pack - the owner of a North Texas wedding venue (check that out here) that brought all three of us together! Without her, we wouldn’t be here. Amanda shared a story about how she met both me (Jenna) and Eylin. I had NEVER heard this before.

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Wedding professionals become friends...

It all started in college when Amanda decided to join a sorority! While she was in her sorority, she planned a formal at a local wedding venue, where she made a great connection! When Amanda got engaged, they went and toured the same venue that she had planned the formal at! Although it wasn’t a good fit, she really still felt a good connection with the Manager of that venue. So, they started going to get coffee and kept up with communication throughout the years. Amanda really looked up to this woman, she had been in the industry for a while at this point and was authentic and honest.

After she graduated with her undergraduate degree, she stayed on as an advisor for her sorority, which is where she met EYLIN! As for the two of them, they didn’t get to really know each other until a mutual friend of started working at the venue with Amanda and, eventually, got Eylin a position working there as well. And working at the Denton Texas wedding venue is how Amanda met me (JENNA) as well!

When the Pandemic shut everything down, the manager of this other venue asked Hawthorn Hills to take over one of her weddings, and I tagged along to help! It was my first time at Hawthorn Hills Ranch, and let me tell you - I instantly wanted to be friends with these two awesome women. Their organization and compassion for the industry was unmatched, and they were so dedicated to the couples they work for. I was asked back out for an interview and *BADA BING, BADA BOOM* we became work pals!

It is really crazy how life works and to see how far we’ve come! We work together so well and are very similar in how our brain works… Which is a great thing until someone else has to jump into our meeting and our thoughts and ideas are just bouncing off of each other.

Get to know these Texas wedding professionals a bit more.

Now let’s get personal!

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Eylin has had a rough dating experience for the past 5 years. She would come into work with crazy date story after crazy date story. Sure, it was entertaining and Eylin can always find positivity in the crazy stories. BUT - she found someone! She has found an incredible human that she is just a smitten kitten over! Good for you Eylin! Life finally gave you the person you deserve! Eylin loves hanging out with her cat, Cloud - he’s a fancy cat, she loves plants, tattoos, and her bed! She likes to find unique drinks and travel!

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I (Jenna) have been married for two amazing years to the amazing HUNTER! About a year ago we bought a house together, and now we spend a lot of our time renovating our house. We enjoy playing board games, hanging out with friends and family, and chillin with our animals!

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As for Amanda, she and her husband celebrated 10 YEARS of marriage! Wow, that is a huge accomplishment. It seems like they are really meant to be because Amanda is pretty good at breaking things and Andy is great at putting them back together. Together they have 3 kiddos (I may be biased, but they are the cutest and sweetest kids ever!) Amanda says there isn’t enough coffee to keep up with her fam, but they are all the best! She also has two sweet pups - one of which ate an entire bar of soap yesterday. Amanda enjoys traveling stateside with her Husband and Kiddos, being outside at the lake, and being a cool soccer mom!

What makes it all work?

As wedding professionals in Texas, there is a big variety in where we came from, what stage of life we are in and what we do for fun. It tends to catch people by surprise that we not only work so great together but also are each other's biggest supporters in everyday life. We decided to pinpoint what made us really connect on a friendship level.

We determined that our awkwardness really led us together. Not sure what we mean? Go give the episode a quick listen and I'm sure you'll enjoy some smiles as it sinks in.

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This Episode hosted by JENNA

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