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Hey Ya'll 

I'm so excited you're tuning in to our podcast. I'm a North Texas mom of 3 amazing kiddos, whos married to the man of my dreams, building a life outside of the normal "9 - 5".

I'm an award-winning business owner, executive MBA graduate, and certified wedding planner that RUNS on coffee, unsweet tea (sorry Texans, I am a transplant from Ohio after all), and corny jokes. I think that there is not much a little sunshine, God, and good music can't help you tackle.


My hope is that by listening to our podcast you find yourself smiling, feeling supported by your new online besties and that you have resources to tackle the planning. Whether it's for a wedding, life, or business.


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What Runs My World...

My husband is the only person who can always make me laugh - and he knows that a sunny day on the lake with our kiddos does way more for my soul than a fancy dinner for two. Dance parties with my kids, cheering them on and watching their imaginations go crazy is one of the most amazing things I've gotten to experience in life.

My pups are absolutely nuts. Snuggle babies that have endless energy they totally fit into our home. Now if only I could get the big one to realize he's not a lap dog and the smaller one to learn to take a swim break things would be perfect.

Favorite part of business side: finding new ways to reach and serve our clients and community

Not so favorite part: the struggle between staying true to myself without the guilt of turning off work or focusing on work and taking time away from my family

Crazy Pups

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Favorite Things

Professional Stuff

So in addition to my MBA I am also a Certified Wedding Planner, have been in the event industry since 2009 when I started in college, and have started 2 wedding/event businesses. So safe to say I am a BIG fan of celebrations.

I fell in love with all things weddings and events in 2009 and still get goosebumps hearing our couples share their love stories.

Meet My Cohost: 


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