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Resources + Freebies

If you're like us new topics can be overwhelming and we tend to overthink it all. 

What if you could ask your best friend any and everything you needed and know you got this? That's exactly what we've done here. Use our 20+ years of experience and let us do the busy work (and overthinking) for you.

Scroll for Freebies, Resources, Planning Guides and Services.

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Venue Guide (4 Part Resource)

Newly engaged and not sure where to start?


It will give you 40+ questions you must ask, straight from a venue team with over 20 years of experience.

4 part series includes:

- Questions to Ask BEFORE Touring

- Templates to Use When Emailing Venues

- Questions to Ask DURING Your Tour

- Questions to Ask BEFORE You Book 

BONUS: We've also included worksheets for each part so you can stay organized and skip right to getting answers.

We built an amazon wishlist with all the basics in 1 spot so you can add to cart + save time

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Worksheets + Guides

You are going to LOVE how much stress melts away with these planning guides. 

We start off with some basic information you gotta know, answer the main questions you have, and then jump into worksheets that will guide you through planning quickly and easily.

Real friends share all the good stuff, right?

See some of our faves and grab a code to save!

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Checklists + More

We are always working up new goodies. If you've listened in to the podcast you know we do this on the side of our (very fun but busy) full-time jobs. 

Join the party for updates and be with the VIPs who are first to know all the good stuff!

Welcome to the party!

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Need help from a pro? 

We'd love to help out and chat more!

We take 1on1 calls weekly, and more hands-on services based on our availability. 

These include:

- Timeline Service (for our engaged friends)

- Venue Walk-Throughs (when you need a trusted friend to

  tour + give feedback)

- General Tips + Chats

Email us below and tell us more about what type of support you are looking for.


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