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Hi Friends! 

I'm from good ol' Levelland, Texas and I have been in the event industry since 2017. I've had the pleasure to help countless couples on their wedding days and help others plan rad company parties and birthday parties! My goal is to make the process as stress-free as possible so you can enjoy the event once the day arrives! I'm so excited to be your bonus best friend through the process of planning your event!

In my free time, I love handing out with my husband, family and friends. Most of my free time these days is dedicated to our renovation project - the farmhouse we bought that was built in the 1900s! But, when I'm not doing that I enjoy board games, disc golf and just being outside.


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Where to find me at work...

My master's degree is in communications, so during the week you can find me doing everything from writing copy, to content scheduling and updating all of the important tools we use to support our couples. 

On event days it might be harder to catch me, I work so quickly and never stop going. It's second nature after all these years, and I will always do everything in my power to make sure each event is as close to perfection as possible.

Favorite part of being a wedding pro: Organization, it's a must in our industry

My least favorite: I'm a people pleaser, so client's that can never be pleased (very different than someone who is displeased).

The things I love most in this world are my animals and my best friend Hunter

(aka my husband). He is 100% my safe place and best friend. Not to mention he is hilarious, caring, and such a hard worker. Thank goodness too because this home remodel journey has been no easy task. Lately it seems to be engrained in my nightly routine. Get home, tackle part of a project, break for dinner and then work until we are exhausted. It's totally cut into our game time and date nights but we are beyond excited and are lucky to do it together.

Outside of my own circle, I have a soft spot for all animals, plants, never turn down a good board game, and enjoy all things spooky! We're famous (among our friends) for our themed Halloween parties, which is something we look forward to every year. 

Spooky themes, animals and games...

Home Make Over

diy home remodel

Favorite Things

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Meet My Cohost: 


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