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Hey There! I'm Eylin.

I'm one of the co-hosts that is Behind the Party. 

Born and raised in Denton Texas - still here... BUT I do get out enough. AKA I love to travel the world. 

Crazy to think I just stumbled upon this industry. In the words of Bob Ross "a happy accident". I have been in the industry since 2017 and I hope by listening to the podcast you will get the support you deserve. Whether you are at the very beginning of planning an event, in the midst of planning or just a pro wanting to relate to other pros. We're here for ya!

In my free time, I love to dance, do yoga, tend to my plants (with coffee in hand), cuddle my cat Cloud and attend any social event I can get my hands on. From concerts, traveling and being a huge foodie I love getting the most out of life and taking the time to enjoy it.

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Life is full of moments, I'm just not the best at remembering to capture it in the photo...

I'd rather be lost in the moment enjoying it though so no real complaints here!

I have been dancing for almost 24 years so safe to say I LOVE to dance. Since I was a small child I grew up dancing in the Denton area, and even graduated with a degree tied to it. Dance brings me joy, and I've even gotten to travel the world doing it! Occasionally you can find me volunteering for a Christmas program, or leading classes locally as well.

Aside from that cats and plants are some of the best things in the world. If you're a new plant owner I have three tips for you: 

1. Start out with a couple and don't over-commit. Overwhelming yourself is not the way to go - this should be enjoyable!

2. Pay attention to the "dramatic" ones. If you've had a plant before you know exactly what I am talking about. The ones who look near the grave, and after you add a little water it springs back to living it's best life.

3. It's okay to move your plants around. In the winter especially move them to a south-facing window to make up for that lack of sunshine.

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Never underestimate the power of a perfect coffee/creamer ratio! It can make any day feel better. It's definitely become a necessity with working in the event industry and gotten me through over 100 weddings in the past 3 years and supporting couples through the pandemic mess.

Favorite part of wedding/event pro: Planning and talking details!

My least favorite: moving chairs - ICK. I don't mean a couple, after working at a venue for years I mean hundreds (talk about tiring!).

Meet My Cohost: 


Meet My Cohost: 


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