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#03: From Wedding Pros: Questions We Wished More Couples Asked

If you were our bestie, these are the things we would tell you to ask before you booked your venue. Don't miss a single one - grab that free download and get the 3-part guide to have all the questions asked.

Hello again!

​Today we’re diving into the point of view of the venue and what we wish more people would ask during tours. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their booking process and know what they're getting into.

The venue guide is also going to help with process because we have included all the good questions to ask. SO go get that venue guide HERE. Part 3 is what we’re going to cover in the episode and these show notes. It includes a total of 17 questions we wished more people would ask us as a venue.

Psst... Haven’t listened in to the first part?

Maybe even start with episode / blog post #01 “Engaged, Now What?”

best questions to ask wedding venues

Anyways, let’s get to those wedding planning tips right?

Just a recap, we’ve discussed the what’s in the venue guide, how to prepare for touring the venue, narrowing down your list to only 3-6 venues, and so much more (take a peek at the previous blog for more info).

It’s always hard to think of questions to ask while you’re on these tours, which is why we got you covered not only with all the questions but also why you should be asking them. No, you don’t need to ask all of them, but it's good to pick your 3-5 faves and have them ready to get those answers.

Why are they important? A lot of the questions are to help your future team experience and understanding what your day could look like. Let’s jump in and take a peek at what some of the podcast co-hosts would say are our favorites and why.

Amanda's favorite question for couples to ask venues:

“What is the venue suggestion for [us] while [we] are planning?”

  • Why it’s a good one: it shows if they’ve been “listening” to you. Hearing your concerns and worries to make you feel better and help planning go smoothly. It also let’s their passion, experience and knowledge shine!

Jenna's favorite question for couples to ask when touring a wedding venue:

“Will we see a venue team member day of?”

  • Why it’s a great question to ask: Feeling supported during your day is worth more than you realize. Having someone show you where things are, help with building questions, are a basic need and knowing that team member is easily accessible for you is at minimum - reassuring.

wedding professional podcast free advice

Eylin's top 2 questions you should ask when touring a wedding venue:

“What does cleaning after the event look like?”

  • Why you want to ask: You don’t want to have your guests doing all the cleaning and dirty work. So, what are you responsible for or what does the venue take care of? It could mean putting up chairs, sweeping, linens or simply packing your own belongings and enjoying your evening. It’s also important to know what’s allowed in the trash, etc. These should be in contract but always a good thing to ask beforehand.

“How close together will chairs and tables be?”

  • Why it’s a favorite question: We cap our guest count lower than it technically needs to be, so we can allow room for a dance floor, buffet areas, etc. You want to make sure you will have plenty of room to sit, walk around, and of course dance the night away!

Seriously though friends -

It’s important to make sure you ask these questions before you sign that contract and ask for clarity on any part you’re not sure about. Your venue representative will be ready and happy to assist in answering those questions.

Next podcast episode we will be getting into more of the good stuff… Tour stories!

​SO get your tea, its time to pour it out (;



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