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#61: 4 Essentials When Planning Your Organization’s Event or Banquet

Finding a good location for your business, corporate or organizations event can be tricky! Today, we're going to share tips (and secrets) to help you choose the perfect venue for their upcoming events.

Tip #1 - Define Your Event Requirements

After determining that there is a need for an event, what are the first topics the planner or committee wants to determine?

  • Who is attending, their role/membership/background

  • What the goal of the event is: membership? Fundraising? Team building? Educational?

Specifics help you determine what a good location can be for your event, and understanding the event's purpose is very important!

If you want to create a welcoming, and comfortable event would not be in an elegant ballroom. An educational speaker would not be in a historic home with no room for guests to hear

Know your target audience:

  • Who is attending? Is it members-only, invited guests? Guests of honor? Fundraiser?

  • Where are they coming from - work? Home and time to get ready?

  • Keep in mind any specific needs: AV/Band, entertainment, parking, local for responders

A few quick ideas for unique locations:



Local Businesses: Art studios, bank lobby, etc.

Tip #2 - Budgeting Wisely for Your Event Venue

Most organizations have a pre-established budget that is determined by their board, their total membership size and contribution as well as fundraising for additional l. The way those funds are used is primarily left up to the officer or committee planning

Explain the significance of establishing a realistic budget and how it affects the venue selection process.

The #1 way I see people go over budget is by being unrealistic and not prioritizing at the start. Having an idea of your overall budget, priorities, and necessities for the event will help avoid hiccups down the road. Venues that are almost the whole budget are not a great match. UNLESS it includes other services.

Our quick tips for budgeting:

Estimate high, book low, and add on as you can.

Don't count on ticket sales or fundraising for necessities use that for extras. Reuse decor, or venue decor that can be elevated if money is left over.

Create a wishlist of items that are not a necessity but you'd love to add if the budget allows.

Hidden costs to watch out for, and cost-saving strategies.

  • Hourly rentals vs. half-package

  • Catering included or not

  • Set up time, clean up, linens and decor etc.

Tip #3 - Assessing Venue Facilities and Amenities

A few things that people don’t think about when determining a venue?

  • Extra fees

  • Timing for set up and clean up

  • Office hours vs. event hours

  • Table and chair set up

  • Included decor

  • Team/business personality and helpfulnessTip #4 - Mix it up

Think through the logistical sides of your event. These would include asking questions like:

  • Audiovisual equipment - Are there enough outlets? This is commonly something that is overlooked and EXTREMELY important in some Business/corporate events. Ex: how many things do you need to plug in? Do you want those items located in a specific location? If so, you need to determine if there are outlets available!

  • Catering options - prep kitchen, ice machine, place to serve? tables?

  • Parking availability, and accessibility considerations.

Tip #5 - Considering Location and Logistics

You might be thinking "Can determining a location impact the attendance for an event? In what way?"

Absolutely. Midday = dependent on travel time and meetings/work

If your target audience is first responders they cannot go out of district. If you assist university organizations with certain collegiate rules/bylaws and return times.

Then of course are the standard sides of location to keep in mind - traffic and accommodations.

Finding a good location for your business, corporate or organization event can be tricky! I hope that we were able to share some insider, unfiltered info that can help you when choosing the perfect venue for your upcoming events.


Listen to the Episode HERE


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