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#63: 5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Holiday Work Party for Your Workplace

Today we are going to dive into planning a Holiday Work Party! I know you miiiight be thinking “JENNA! How can I even start thinking about the holidays while I am in the midst of the hottest summer on record?” Well, first off, great question, Second this is a great time to start thinking about your plans and getting the ball rolling before you are in the midst of the holidays!

If you are listening in as soon as this episode drops, the holiday season is just 4 months away! And what better way to spread the festive cheer than by organizing a fantastic holiday work party for your workplace? A well-planned office celebration can boost team morale, enhance employee engagement, and create lasting memories. To ensure your event is a smashing success, we've compiled five essential steps to help you plan the perfect holiday work party.

Tip #1 - Define Your Party Objectives

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details, establish clear objectives for your holiday work party. What do you want to achieve through this event?

A few examples of well-defined objectives for a Holiday Office Party would be:

1. Foster Team Building: Encourage camaraderie and strengthen bonds among team members through interactive games and activities.

2. Express Appreciation: Show gratitude to your employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

3. Boost Morale: Create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere that lifts everyone's spirits during the festive season. FUN guys, make it fun. Even if it’s a classy event - the fun does not mean you have to bust out karaoke but it does mean you should think through how they will be entertained and WHO you are planning for. Does your team go to trivia nights regularly? Do they prefer jazz music over trendy holiday hits?

Tip #2 - Choose the Perfect Venue

The venue sets the tone for your holiday party, so choose wisely. Consider factors such as the size of your workforce, the type of event you want to host, and the budget you have allocated.

Some venues that would work depending on your needs would be:

1. Upscale Restaurants: Ideal for formal gatherings and elegant dining experiences.

2. Event Halls or Ballrooms: Suitable for large-scale parties with space for entertainment and dancing.

3. Outdoor Spaces: Parks, gardens, or rooftops are perfect for more casual and relaxed gatherings.

4. Your office space: (Side note, this is totally giving me The Office vibes) No budget? Low budget? Work 24/7 and can’t leave? Think through what areas you can repurpose in your own building. Come up with a plan and see if your supervisor gives you the thumbs up.

If you are deciding to book a location, Remember to book the venue well in advance to secure your desired date and time.

Tip #3 - Plan Engaging Activities

Activities are the heart of any successful holiday work party.

some crowd-pleasing activities for Holiday parties?

1. Holiday-Themed Games: Organize fun games like "Ugly Sweater Contest," "Secret Santa," or "Holiday Trivia" to keep everyone entertained. Favorite things,

2. Interactive Workshops: Host DIY ornament-making or cooking classes for a more hands-on experience.

Family-friendly or employees + 1 only?

Let’s skip the “New Girl’s” version of photos with Santa ;)

3. Entertainment: Hire a live band, DJ, or performers to keep the party vibe alive throughout the night.Casino games, yard games, fire pits

Tip #4 - Deck the Halls with Decorations

Transform your chosen venue into a festive wonderland with creative decorations. Think about your company's branding and the holiday theme you want to convey.

What are some of your ideas when it comes to decorating? Great question, I would LOVE to answer!

1. Color Schemes: Choose traditional holiday colors like red, green, and gold, or go with your brand's colors for a personalized touch. Personally, I like a more winter wonderland approach - white, sparkling with a touch of color. Theme it out: Candy Land

At your office/onsite? Get help and create a contest: Which floor/department/cubicles can come up with the best decor for 1 general overall theme?

2. Centerpieces: Decorate tables with elegant centerpieces, such as candles, pinecones, or themed ornaments.

3. Photo Booth: Create a photo booth with holiday-themed props to capture moments of joy and laughter.

Tip #5 - Food and Drinks

The holiday season is synonymous with indulging in delicious treats. Ensure your menu caters to various dietary preferences and includes mouth-watering options.

A few ideas are:

1. Signature Cocktails: Craft special holiday-themed cocktails to set the mood for celebration.

2. Food Stations: Offer diverse food stations, such as a hot chocolate bar, a dessert corner, and a savory appetizer station.

Stir fry, build your own bowls chef manned

3. Dietary Accommodations: Remember to include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to cater to all your employees.

And last, don't forget to capture the joyous moments with plenty of photos to share on your company's social media channels, along with a heartfelt thank-you message to your employees.

By following these five steps, you'll be well on your way to planning a memorable holiday work party that will be the talk of the office for months to come. Remember to keep your objectives in mind throughout the planning process and create an event that aligns with your company's culture and values.

Start early, stay organized, and let the festive spirit guide you as you plan the perfect holiday work party. Happy planning and happy holidays!


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