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#58: Backyard Wedding vs. Wedding Venue: Choosing the Perfect Setting for Your Special Day

Confused about whether to plan a backyard wedding or reserve a wedding venue? Read on to explore the pros and cons of each option and make an informed decision that suits your style and preferences.

Are you torn between the charm of a backyard wedding and the convenience of a wedding venue? Planning your special day comes with a lot of decisions, and the choice of setting is crucial. In this episode, we'll compare backyard weddings and wedding venues, highlighting the advantages and considerations of each option. Let's dive in and help you decide on the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

Backyard Wedding: Intimate Celebrations in the Comfort of Home

Backyard weddings bring a certain cozy and personal ambiance to your celebration - even with the most elegant home settings. There is no denying the sentimental value of exchanging vows in a familiar and meaningful setting is absolutely amazing. Whether it’s your childhood home, a beloved family property, or even your best friend’s spacious backyard the location is extra special to you and in a way seems like it would be easier due to the accessibility and access.

Wedding Venue: Beauty and Convenience in a Professional Setting

With wedding venues, you have spaces designed and created for the overall flow and logistics of such events. This includes the availability of dedicated event spaces, professional staff, and comprehensive services. It could be anything from "elegant ballrooms," "scenic outdoor gardens," or "historical landmarks turned wedding venues” to destination views and open spaces.

Considerations for a Backyard Wedding

Important things to consider and REALLY think through:

  • Guest capacity of the space - tables, chairs, dancefloor, ceremony space, bar/food you name it

    • CAPACITY guidelines by local authorities

  • Logistical challenges:

    • Tables and chairs (size, quantity, spacing)

    • stairs? No large open rooms/spaces so dinner and guests are divided/separated in areas, dance floor/material of the flooring, power for DJ or band, space for the catering team

  • Weather dependency - TENTS, as well as if parking is on the lawn, severe weather plans, etc.

  • Other examples mentioned in the podcast include: limited parking, street, property, considering valet and investing in signs/parking structures (or renting), and noise restrictions.

Considerations for a Wedding Venue

Explore the practical aspects of booking a wedding venue. You'll want a breakdown of each service, and amenities (including chairs, AC, etc.) for a good view of cost. Be sure to also consider their availability if you have a certain date in mind.

Ask about customization options so you can see if your vision can be a reality or if you will need to compromise anything you had in mind.

Preferred vendor lists - this can be hidden costs, easier/more difficult for planning (depending on if you need help or have vendors already in mind)

  • Specific time restrictions for setup and teardown.

Backyard Wedding: Personalized Décor and Flexibility

There is an extra level of creative freedom and flexibility that a backyard wedding offers for personalized decorations, themes, and DIY elements. It’s most likely never been used for this type of event before and it truly allows you to dream big.

If you are not a creative at heart and DIY event sounds like you are already stressed don’t fear! Many professionals have experience with backyard weddings and can help as well.

Wedding Venue: Professional Services and All-Inclusive Packages

We mentioned professional services offered by wedding venues this varies based on the venue but could include:

  • In-house catering with culinary experts, event staff, and pre-arranged packages with other local professionals to offer even more services such as bartending, event coordination, DJ, dessert, or even photo services.

  • They have truly been there and done that enough times to know how to help execute your vision in their space and know which professionals they’ve worked with before to help execute that perfect vision you have.

Budget Considerations for a Backyard Wedding

Explore the potential cost savings of a backyard wedding

Time is money right? Well along those lines we believe that the unlimited access you have at home means BIG savings if you were going to try to replicate the same hours at a venue.

  • Accommodations: overnight rooms? CHECK.

  • Limited vendor options? NOPE.

  • venue rental fees easily are 5 - 10,000 in the DFW area and hosting at home can help reduce that. Realistically, tables and chairs for 100 people are going to cost you $800 a day before delivery/pick-up charges which is the thing you definitely want to have. If you do not have enough covered areas you will also want to reserve tents which typically begin at no less than $3,000 and up depending on the size, style, and of course, the anchoring method they can/cannot use.

In some instances, creating the vision you’d like between tables, chairs and tent alone may make you lean more towards a family-owned venue that is in the 5 - 6,000 range instead.

However, if all the options that are available on your date, or that match your vision are 8k+ then you are still ahead on savings!

Be sure to account for added power, generators, and even restrooms if you need them - be honest, and think logistically through everything so you aren’t left with a surprise or a headache.

When you are able to save costs it can give you the opportunity to allocate more budget to other aspects like food, decor, or entertainment.

Budget Considerations for a Wedding Venue

Discuss budget considerations for a wedding venue, the value of inclusive packages and services that can simplify the planning process. In this episode, we chatted about "catering packages," "decor rentals," or "complimentary dressing suites." Another thing that you won't find listed in a package but you want to consider is a sense of security, safety, and support from the venue team.

A stunning wedding venue showcasing all-inclusive services - check out Hawthorn Hills page tag in the show notes) to see what we mean when we mention inclusive and not.

Choosing between a backyard wedding and a wedding venue is a deeply personal decision. Consider your priorities, budget, guest count, and the atmosphere you envision for your special day. Whether you opt for an intimate backyard wedding or the convenience of a wedding venue, remember that it's the love and joy you share with your partner and loved ones that truly matter.

Why are you considering it? If it’s for budget purposes then make a list of all the logical items you will need, check off what you/your family has covered already and get quotes for the remaining items.

If it comes out to 5k or more for the basics - before decor, valet, etc.. Then look into locally owned family, small businesses that have similar vibes to your vision with the support of their team, and the use of their decor, etc., and save yourself the hassle!

Thank you for reading! We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights to help you make the right choice for your dream wedding. May your special day be filled with love, happiness, and cherished memories!


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