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#33: New Year, New Focus: Home Life

new year goals for small business, women and wedding professionals

Happy (two weeks into the) New Year!! On last week's episode, we chatted with Amanda about determining business and professional goals for the New Year. But, we aren’t quite done talking about the New Year and goals/resolutions. Today we dive deep into the discussion of New Year's resolutions. We talk about what we love about them, what we absolutely DESPISE about them, and a few personal goals we have in mind to carry us into 2023.

Who’s ready to get PERSONAL???

What do you think about New Year's Resolutions?

I’m honestly curious what the consensus is because I personally feel like the majority of people are so split! I know people who LOVE them, and some who can’t stand the thought or idea of them.

I personally love the idea of a fresh restart each year. It almost feels like a new beginning. No matter where you are starting in January, you could be somewhere completely different by December. The idea of setting your sights on a positive goal or objective and dreaming about getting to the end of the year and looking back at where you started just seems so beautiful to me.

On the other hand, I do fully believe that new year's resolutions have become toxic in some contexts. First off, we see businesses marketing and making money off of individuals based on their emotions. They promise you a better version of yourself if you just do or buy this one thing. I think that some bull sh*t. Don’t fall for that.

Second, resolutions seem to set people up to feel like they fail. Most of the people that I know who have really tried out a new year’s resolution will do one thing that feels like it is wrong or off track for their resolution and they feel like they have failed. And most of the time that leads to those individuals giving up on that goal completely.

It doesn’t have to be like that, friends! Goals or resolutions don’t have to be all or nothing. You might have a goal to feel healthy this new year. If you eat one cookie, you haven’t failed! Just always try to improve and as you continue on your journey, you might not crave that extra sweet as often as you did your first week!

End of the Year Check-in

wedding business goals for entrepreneur

Did you accomplish your goal? This is one thing that I was AWFUL at this year. I don’t even remember my goal from last year. But, do you really need to remember your official goal in the new year to check in on the growth and the amazing things you have accomplished in general? I don’t think so!

Sometimes life throws us curveballs. My husband and I went through so many changes in 2022. At this point, things are great and we are so happy with where we are at. But if you would have told me in 2022 I would lose my dog of 15 years, start a podcast, get pregnant, get promoted to Manager of Hawthorn Hills, watch my husband experience a layoff, then watch him find a new, great job in less than a week, and watch our house feel more like a home with every new renovation we complete - I don’t think I would have believed it. But here we are, excited and better than ever before.

My point is sometimes you need to be able to make adjustments to your goal. Give yourself grace and allow yourself to switch up or adjust your goal depending on what you are going through and experiencing in life. Even though I might not remember my goal for last year, I can still take a look back to January 2022 Jenna and be proud of what she accomplished and where she is at now!

Alright, Now Let’s get Personal…

What are our goals this year you ask? (Maybe you didn’t ask… but we will share anyway)

Amanda: Wants to get more grounded in her peace. To her that looks like this:

  • Not being a people pleaser

  • More date nights with her husband

  • Some type of little getaway with her husband

  • Family adventure nights

Jenna (Me - lol): I want to be more intentional this year. To me that looks like this:

  • Being present when you are spending time with someone

  • Help me set better boundaries

  • Being more purposeful deciding what I want to do and how I want to spend my time

  • I want to bring more purpose and value to how I spend my time

  • Being better about reaching out to the important people in my life

Hold us accountable!

Want us to hold you accountable, too?

DM or email us YOUR New Year’s goals.

Or let’s celebrate you!

Send us your goal from last year that you crushed!

We can’t wait to be besties!


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