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#19: Dream VS Reality

Oh wedding planning... Let the dreams come true.

cocktail hour outdoors north texas

It is no secret that we love what we do so we are honest when we say how exciting that is and how much we love that for you two. BUT... we also promised to be helpful and honest so we are here to bring you back to Earth (just a bit we promise) and give you some of the logistics of those exciting plans. From guest accommodations, before and after the wedding, and even when to decorate - let’s get to chatting. Let's circle back to a prior episode that was all about your venue search (Episode 1 -3, jump on over to #3 here). The first main question we focused on in this episode was: what are some common things we notice people tend to forget when looking for a venue?

In true "Behind the Party" fashion, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for you.

So, here’s a quick list on what people tend to forget to look for or ask when they are determining their venue selection.

  • Is the venue handicap accessible?

  • Is the parking close by? On the street? Valet? Possibly paid versus free for our guests?

This information is great to know when making your selection, but also important information you want to include for your guests on your wedding website so that they can be prepared, on time, and have a great experience from the moment they arrive at your celebration.

  • Are there overnight accommodations close by?

Again, great information that will help you later on in planning when you want to set up room blocks, let your family know and of course include on your wedding website.

  • How close are other locations you may need? Ie hotels, ceremony site, rehearsal dinner, nightlife

We've all attended, worked etc wedding that were both close or far from such locations and in order to not "lose" guests en route you want to be sure the travel is easy and communicated from the start. That way everyone simply enjoys and has no surprises.

  • Are there dressing rooms? More than one?

If not, that's not a deal breaker (unless it's a priority for you two of course), but it does mean you will want to think through the logistics of where you'll be getting ready instead. From Air BNBs to hotel suites there are many options you can still choose from.

  • Are there showers on site?

  • Are you aware of the venue access time?

It should be no confusion or surprise to you, your wedding party, and your family what time the venue opens/closes at. Please do keep in mind that those times are firm - arriving 1 - 2 hours early in hopes you can sneak in sooner is not something you should plan for or count on. It is something that you can typically add on at an hourly rate however so you can absolutely ask.

  • Does gps take you to the correct location?

Oof, if you listen in to the episode then you heard how even we have gotten lost on the way to attend a wedding due to GPS issues. One of our friends was aware of this though, and they put information on the instructions to keep everyone aware and it truly saved the day!

wedding exit under strung lights
  • Can you get an uber? And can you leave the car overnight?

Many venues you are able to get a ride from the hotel/accommodations to the venue but that does not mean you will have the same luck returning. The venue team should be able to answer this question, but you can also pop open the app and schedule a ride pickup for the evening/night (test this out at the same time you would be needing it) and see if it alerts you that it is unavailable just to be sure.

Now onto other areas of planning.

What do people tend to forget during the planning process leading up to the grand event?

And surprise! Here’s another list!

  • Event staff! Who is cleaning up the dressing rooms?

This is such an important one - if you have hired event staff for a specific set time, please do not expect or become frustrated if that is the actual time they arrive to work. Many times we have strongly suggested a timeframe for scheduling event staff and our couples choose to do less time. That is absolutely acceptable, but only if you are understanding and aware that having event staff arrive at 6 pm means that they will not be available to set up your reception hall in time for your 4 pm - 5 pm ceremony to end and cocktail hour to be held from 5 - 6 pm in that same reception hall. It also means that if your schedule is ahead or behind that your event staff again are only there when you scheduled them - so it's almost better to be safe than sorry.

  • Who is taking all your stuff home? Ie decor, gifts, and food & drinks!!!!

If you are not sure whom you'd like to grab these items please keep in mind how much you have. Typically decor will go home with 1 - 2 people, food with 1 and bar/drink items with another. Parents, siblings and the bridesmaids are the most common we see with this. Honestly? When the wedding party is responsible for taking items to be held for safe keeping it is usually the only time they stick around after the celebration to assist with clean up. Even if they had been asked to do so anyways.

  • Emergency kit! Ie fishing line, Command strips, batteries, band-aids, safety pins, etc.

Yes, you read that correctly - fishing line! It's a miracle-working secret that many pros use. It's fantastic for securing decor without ruining photos (since it's clear) and can be your best tool to battle the wind. It also allowed you to secure items without causing damage to the venue's property.

But also hire a planner or coordinator - they will not only help you think through and ask these questions but they will give you all the tools and resources to truly keep your day streamlined.

Just remember, it's never going to go 100% a perfect day. Odds are you'll have some bumps, but hopefully, they are very small hiccups. In the end, it’s all about you two and the start of a beautiful marriage and a lifetime of happiness!



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