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#29: Timeline the Week of the Wedding

If you've been listening in you know that here at Behind the Party we are ALL about the bestie vibes, helpful tips and truthful advice.

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Let's chat timeline...

Are you at the point in wedding planning where you have all of these times and ideas and plans in your head and you just want to get them out and on paper?

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That is great. Because we are going IN DEPTH on timelines for this series. And I am not just talking about a wedding timeline - I am talking about a timeline that can start a week+ out to help you organize your wedding day!

First up, let’s dig deep into the things you want to get done a week + out before your wedding day!

More than a week before your wedding

There are some things that can be done in advance and do NOT need to wait until the final countdown. The best and biggest perk of you crossing these of your list in advance is that you will have more time to relax, live in the moment and a buffer if any unexpected tasks pop up those final days.

Week of Timeline

Week Of:

  • Nails done - 1-2 days in advance. You want them lookin’ fresh!

  • Wash your hair - when does your hair look best, hold styles best? Wash your hair that much in advance!

  • Spray tan - this is very dependent on your skin and how long it holds the color. Do a test run on the color and see when it looks best to you! Also, ask the pros. The ladies who work at spray tan salons will have great suggestions and recommendations.

  • Packed and ready to go! Make sure you have your bag(s) ready with the marriage license, rings, ring box, shoes, dress, suits, invites/save the dates for detail shots, etc.

  • Decor/ set up things: decor boxes packed and in the correct cars, seating chart labeled for set up crew with name cards in alphabetical order

  • Emergency kit: shape tape, safety pins, bobby pins, stain remover, straws (for after makeup), backups, lighters, batteries, extra pair of contacts, deodorant, etc.

  • Know when your wedding party/family (any of your VIP guests) are coming into town and who is picking them up.

  • Pickups: tux rentals, decor rentals, cake, food, etc. - have someone else do this for you!!

  • Having brunch or coffee with your VIPs (especially those who came into town)

Working the week of your wedding...

Don’t overwork the week of your wedding. Make sure you are leaving on time! Hopefully, you have worked ahead to make it easier for your last week of work before your wedding! Communicate with your clients and/or team! They will probably be pumped for you and step in to help out or give you space when needed. If you have the time, take time off before the wedding too! Just 1 or 2 days before can make a world of difference.

Listen in to Behind the Party Podcast, Episode #29 if you want to hear more details and suggestions about how to rock your timeline. Be sure to stay tuned for the next blog and episode where we will be discussing the Morning of Timeline!


This Episode hosted by JENNA

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