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#16: Batching Content

Let's talk about how to maximize your time with social media planning!

Wahoo we are on our final "Let's Get Social" topic. Today we will be discussing more ideas that will help you maximize your time with social media planning. This info is great for anyone tbh! but we are mainly talking to our pros out there. But keep listening because some of this will help you in your own personal social media journey. We get into "batching content", what it is, how it helps you, and how to get started.

wedding professional batching

What does batching content mean as a wedding business owner?

There are really 3 parts to batching content, but what it really means is saving time and being as efficient as possible with the resources (time included) that we have. If you could buy something at full price or get the same item BOGO you'd go for that buy one to get one free right? Why not with your time, the cost to pay someone to run your social, and your content?

The first part is content creation.

This is what you’ll be posting to the world, whether it is pictures, graphics, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, or videos.

free social media captions for wedding pros

The second part is your message.

Having that hook, the benefit you are providing, or the problem you’re solving and wrapping it all up with the call to action. You can find these ideas/objectives anywhere with a quick google search if you are having creative writer's block (don't we all?).

We've also put together a list here of 30 prompts for short content to help you out. Just download and edit it according to your business so it's custom to you. This will really help eliminate the guessing of “what do I post?” questions we all struggle with from time to time.

The 3rd part is actually scheduling the content on your platforms.

To do this you need to have a plan and know how often you want to post, where your priority is to post, the different formats you will need (photo versus video), etc.

Our biggest suggestion?

Set a time block on your calendar that works for you to buckle down and knock this out, schedule it and forget it. Getting it automated so you don’t have to think about it each day is a HUGE burden off of your shoulders - especially for weekends and during wedding season.

Don't know where to start? We have switched to a new software and are OBSESSED. It covers ALL the platforms we want to be on and has already saved us hours of work.

Use our link and check out Metricool yourself! HERE

Is batching content really helpful as a wedding professional?

It is super helpful! Especially if you’re in the wedding industry. You’re most likely wearing multiple hats working in, or running your business. The most helpful thing is to schedule the content, and planning to do this on a day or time you’re feeling most creative to avoid those creative blocks.

Go back and listen to episode 14 because in that episode we do chat about the pillars and identity of your business. This will help drive you into the direction of how to even get started.

3 Questions to figure out your pillars

  • What does my business provide? Services, Feeling/Emotions

  • If someone was going to look at my profile for 9 seconds, what do I need them to know about us?

  • What do my clients say? Take a look at your reviews and what words are repeated over and over. Google reviews actually make this very easy and will tell you what words are used most often in your reviews for you.

Getting content

So let's put this into action real quick so you have an example of how it works for us. For the podcast social we went to Selfie World in fort worth spent 1 hour and did a photoshoot there. We brought different pieces to change into and we took over 200 photos. We all picked some of our faves, Eylin edited them, and we have endless pictures to use for social media. Bonus - our Instagram looks cohesive! Win! Also, it was such fun team building that we need to go again! Or pick a new location! We are thinking of doing this twice a year.

Batching content with a podcast

So we’re in a unique spot, where if you’re listening right now in 2022, we are literally building this podcast from the ground up. It is important to us that it stands separately from the venue so that all professionals and couples feel comfortable reaching out and asking for help or just to chat.

So here is a glimpse of our process. With each episode, we aim to provide either entertainment (that's easy with our uncoordinated characteristics), education or support. To do that we try to share or make a graphic from each episode. That one graphic is used on the website, on social media, and in our show notes, and then we can pair the content within it with a photo and or video of us.

We break each topic up into 2-3 sub-topics or objectives and then for each objective we break it down into 3 captions or titles. So 1 topic = 6 - 9 captions/titles for our posts.

Just scratching the surface...

Tons of good little nuggets that we hope help you in your social media journey, whether you're an inspiring influencer, just trying to post, or a pro! We're here to help and answer all questions. We will be sure to dive in deeper on our next content batching episode but until then feel free to reach out to us with any questions!



​This Episode hosted by EYLIN

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