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#13: Instagram for Wedding Business Pros The good, the bad, the burnout, and the new

We want to provide you with the tools to continue to learn the constant updates of the Instagram world.

Clearly, it's constantly updating because we even got a new update while we were recording. Listen in and get them good nuggets of helpful info from pros just like you!

professional scrolling on social media
wedding professionals and instagram

With wedding planning, most people looking have already found you online prior to crossing paths with your Instagram profile.

The newest - and super helpful - tool that Instagram has been highlighting and pushing to users is Reels. They are boosting organic discovery through reels - which so happens to be a great way for ideas and inspiration. What does that mean for a small business like yours? It means you should go get after those reels and reach potential new clients! Be sure to feature trends and event inspiration whether it is unique decor entertainment or behind the scenes of what it is like to work a wedding with you. The younger generation is loving and pushing for small businesses to show their personalities, values, and unfiltered view. Whether that has come from the desire for transparency from businesses, or simply people seeing their friends who own small businesses struggle and trying to support them to be true to themselves the end result remains the same. Your clients and potential clients what more of who you are, what your brand stands for, and your team personality than they do a shiny staged photo of a product you created. Just remember - you aren't the only one with your product or service but you have amazing and unique characteristics that make you stand out and that will connect you to your dream clients. Don't hide it - put that in the spotlight and start to enjoy your social media again!

Amanda mentions two books, the first being Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby. This book goes into the idea of comparing engaged and looking couples as the NetFlix and chill stage = ready to book. These are the couple on Instagram looking at your content because they currently need it and are actively searching to fulfill that and check it off their list.

Another good Amanda mentions is Marketing to Gen Z by Angie Read & Jeff Fromm. We’ve learned that businesses are becoming less salesy and no longer simply pushing product, images, and a generic caption. They want influencer-esque vibes on Instagram. Genz wants to be educated, entertained, or inspired by posts. Your content must convey that to grab their attention and stop their scroll.

It’s crazy how Instagram has become such a prominent part of marketing, and the way people consume this info changes all the time; very similar to how the algorithm changes too!

Stay tuned for our next episode where we dive into how to be your most authentic self through social media!



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