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#43: Choosing Your Wedding Party

This week we are going to talk about your wedding party the hype crew, and your squad if you will. These are your inner circle - the people who will be framed in the photo on your wall from your wedding day for the rest of your life. SO EXCITING!

Where to start:

How many people should you have in your wedding party?

Do both sides need to have the same number? No way! Many people think that it will be extremely noticeable, or guests will find it odd but in reality this is much more common than most couples think.

Who can/should you think of asking?

We love thinking of this from a perspective of who is a core part of your life, that has been there for you and will continue to be. So whether it is your siblings, family/cousins, inner circle (friends, etc) choose who matters and means a lot to you two.

Do you need to invite your fiance's siblings to be in your wedding party?

No, but this is absolutely a conversation to have with your fiance so that you both feel supported on your day. Keep in mind that you can ABSOLUTELY have whomever you want on "your side" of the wedding party. So choose your man of honor, best woman or whatever/whoever that looks like to you.

What should you consider before asking?

  • Personalities - if you have someone in mind you are on the fence about, think of their personality. Will they support, celebrate and keep the focus on you, your relationship, and your vision for the day?

  • What you expect of them (communicating clearly) - don't tell them it will be low maintenance and they surprise them with the expectation of financially covering their outfit for the day of, out of country bachelorette trip (with matching outfits to buy of course), hosting a wedding shower and more. Let them know what you're thinking up front so they can communicate if they are able to support your day in the best way possible.

  • Budget/costs - similar to the above, it's only fair to let them know what you expect of them.

  • Wedding date - Especially for any military or out-of-the-county people you are considering.

  • People's feelings -

Honored members of your wedding party: how do you decide?

Whether you are honoring someone in your wedding party, asking them to be an usher, part of your welcome party or more there are many small ways to let them feel honored, appreciated, and a special part of your life as well as your day. It can be as small as having them dressed in your wedding colors, to including them in your rehearsal, spa day or festivities the evening before. It can also look like a handwritten thank you note and thoughtful gift the morning of the wedding, and some photos snapped just the two of you by your professional photographer.


choosing your wedding party tips and things to think through


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