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#44: Wedding Party Responsibilities

We’re going to be discussing the topic of how to involve your wedding party in the wedding planning process. Some couples might feel overwhelmed by the process, especially with a large bridal party. But worry no more, we’ve got you covered.

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How can couples involve their wedding party in the process?

There are different ways to do that, but the first and most essential thing is communication. Communicating to your wedding party that they are an integral part of your special day is the first step to getting them excited and involved.

The second step is to establish roles, assign duties, and give them specific responsibilities. This will create a sense of ownership, and your wedding party will put their best foot forward to make your wedding day a success.

Let's say for example, your maid of honor or best man, what type of roles or responsibilities can they take on in the wedding process?

The maid of honor and best man are the closest people to the couple, and they are the top members of the wedding party. They can take on different roles, like being responsible for the bridal shower or bachelor party, which is a traditional role. However, they can also be involved in the wedding day, for instance, they can help with the decor and make sure everything is running smoothly. They can even help the bride and the groom make important decisions regarding the wedding planning process.

What about the other members of the wedding party?

Every wedding party member has a role to play. For example, the bridesmaid can help with wedding dress shopping or help create a wedding party playlist. Additionally, groomsmen can assist in setting up the venue, running errands, or even helping the groom with his wedding vows.

How can you balance competing schedules and delegate tasks to your wedding party members?

Being clear on the specific tasks that need to be accomplished and the deadlines is the first step. Next, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each person on your wedding party is crucial. If someone is responsible for flowers you want them to be able to visualize, be creative mindset and is someone you trust to execute and communicate your vision. Maybe another person is a good negotiator, so it would be a good idea to assign that person to handle the vendor communication/negotiation side of things or to be the point of contact between two parents with different views on what and how things should happen.

Good communication is important here. Start by creating a meeting to debrief everyone on their different roles and responsibilities. During the discussions, make sure to ask whether anyone is interested in taking on more or less responsibility, and be flexible enough to accommodate their needs.



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