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#05: Who's Behind The Party?

Three North Texas wedding professionals sharing unfiltered life, tips, and stories - but who are the people behind the voices?

Hello! You've probably learned by now that our heart and intent with this podcast is to provide you with real-life - bestie vibe advice. Things we learned (some the hard way), seen or experienced in the event industry that we use every day to help our clients, our family, and our friends. Our hope is that you get a laugh, avoid some stress or just feel seen while you're on your journey. We've each worked with hundreds of couples but want to do more for those that are too shy to ask or just too far to sit down and share some tea while we go over all the wedding planning fun.

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My name is Eylin, and I’ll be hosting this episode. Along with me, I have Amanda and Jenna. Today we’re getting into the Faces Behind the Party. It's about time we get to know the ladies of the podcast. Find out who we are, why we’re doing this podcast, and more!

Meet Jenna

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She’s from a town called Levelland, TX. A small town surrounded by tons of also small towns that are named random names, ie Brownfield, TX (you guessed it - it is in fact a field that is brown), Mule Shoe, TX, and more LOL! She graduated from Texas Tech for agriculture communications, a top university in the field. She has lived in Texas all her life.

You can go read more about Jenna HERE

Say Hi, Amanda!

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Her childhood was spent growing up in Coshocton, Ohio her family moved to Texas while she was in high school. With an undergraduate degree from Texas Woman’s University for Dietitics and Administration, she must have enjoyed the campus (Go Pioneers / Owls!) since she also completed their Executive Master's Program earning her MBA from TWU as well.

You can learn more about Amanda HERE

Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Eylin!

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Born and raised in Denton, Texas. I have been dancing for 23 years, danced for a pre-professional ballet company, and traveled a lot with the company also went to TWU for Dance Education. I also teach at a local studio. I may still live in Denton, but I get out enough when I can to travel the world.

Wanna know more? Read on about Eylin HERE

Getting started as a wedding professional

How in the world did we end up in the events industry? Great question! So glad you asked...

Wedding dreams and party planner since day one

Amanda has always loved events and planning parties. She would always help her family plan parties. In college, she was in a sorority that was full of event planning, coordinating, and creativity. While in college she also was a part of various student organizations and would help plan homecoming, orientations, on-campus events, and larger special/private events hosted on campus in the banquet rooms.

She continued staying connected by working with local wedding planners and coordinators until she was able to make the jump into starting her own wedding business in 2015.

That journey is a story all it's own filled with love, romance, trauma and a life-changing injury so let's save that for another day...

Wedding videography tells true love stories

For Jenna videography is truly engrained in her story - it did not simply capture hers on film. Jenna got started in videography since that was a part of her degree. She decided to start doing videos on the side with her now-husband, Hunter (eek! See I told you, all the romance). Jenna graduated in 2017 and ended up getting a part job as a bartender at a wedding venue. She was later offered a full-time position as communications and bar manager! Now Jenna is a Venue coordinator and communications specialist! She enjoys problem-solving on event days and doing anything possible to relieve stress from the day for the couple.

Becoming a wedding professional

As for me, Eylin, it was by complete accident. I was in a sorority at the time and I needed extra money. I had a sister that worked for Amanda at that time and I asked if the venue needed help. I got an interview and there we go! I started in events!

Fast forward, to 3 weeks before graduation I had a panic attack because I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduating. I contacted the head of the dance department and talked with her. She asked what I was doing now for work, and I told her that I was working at a venue. "Well," she said, "stick with that!" So I ended up asking to be full-time.

Now I’m the manager at the venue. I like how events are similar to a show because it's just like cueing a show, watching, timing - it's all a beautiful performance.


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This Episode hosted by EYLIN

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