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#23: Proposal Personality Quiz

We are coming up on engagement season so it is the PERFECT time to kick off a series dedicated to proposals. But let’s start from the beginning…

So you have reached a VERY special time in your life, you are ready to ask your significant other to marry you! But where do you even start? Where should you do it? What would be the most meaningful special moment for you and your partner? You see all of these glamorous videos online of people asking in unique ways, but is that really what would make sense for you two?

I work at a wedding venue, so I hear a lot of proposal stories. This one sticks out to me - I asked a couple how they got engaged and they were hesitant to share. Finally, one shared that their partner brought her breakfast in bed with the ring on the tray. She ended the story by saying “so it really wasn’t a good story but it was a special moment for us.” I was shocked! I wanted to grab them both by the shoulders and shake them and say “HELLO! Love it. Own it. That is such a sweet and beautiful moment!”

proposal personality quiz

All in all, your story is about you and your significant other, it doesn’t matter how it happened - if it is a special moment between the two of you it's a remarkable story. And it resulted in them taking that next step and deciding to get married! These stories might not be the videos you see go viral, but it is important nonetheless.

As I was thinking more in-depth about this story and the many other proposal stories I had heard throughout my time working in the wedding industry, I noticed a correlation between a couple’s personalities and their proposal story. Each story gives us a glimpse into what is important to a couple and gets us to the root of what makes their relationship unique.

So I essentially came up with three categories of “Couple Personalities” we see: The Chill Couple, The Romantics, and The Exhibitionists. I broke down the categories into the common types of proposals we see for each.

A quick glance at proposal styles

We noticed a correlation between a couple's personality and their proposal story. Hearing a couple's proposal story ( as a wedding professional) our job is to make your vision a reality. So when we ask to hear a proposal story, one we love proposal stories, but it shows what is important to them and gets us to the root of what makes their relationship unique.

The Chill Couple

The Romantics

The Exhibitionists


The chill couple:

An intimate one-on-one proposal in a cozy spot that makes you feel comfortable and brings joy. This is usually a more spontaneous and relaxed setting.

A few examples of this laid-back, romance-filled couple and their proposal story would include:

  • Romantic Dinner on the patio when the sun goes down.

  • outdoor movie night with strung lights and comfy pillows

  • Picnic for two

  • Your Fav Outddor Activity! Hike to your favorite spot or Go snorkeling

  • Carry it in your pocket and when the moment feels right

  • At Home, Dancing in the kitchen

  • Breakfast in bed

  • Coffee shop

  • Anything you do day to day when you are taking time together to focus on your two

The romantics: a couple that oozes a Hallmark moment

These style couples will plan something more romantic, planned and thought out the proposal at a

picnic proposal idea

special location important to you two. Could be 1 on 1 or surrounded by family & friends. Sometimes quite a bit of planning goes into these proposals!

A few examples would be:

  • 1 on 1 at a place that holds a lot of sentimental value

  • Utilize an existing family event that is already planned

  • Candles and music - maybe more casual (still on a hike or at a park) but taking the planning a step further than the chill couple. You had someone sneak ahead and set up a spot with candles and music playing with pictures of you two around

  • Starlit walk along the beach, lake trail, or your favorite city bridge

The exhibitionists: get ready for those social media viral plans!

These are going to be more of the big, flashy, jaw-dropping proposal. Normally done in public. Big celebration to follow with all family and all friends!

Examples of our exhibitionist-type couples include:

  • Flash Mob (dance or orchestra)

  • At a sports game shown on the big screen, pulled unto the field, or with a big special announcement moment

  • Getting called on stage during a concert

  • Hot air balloon or Helicopter

  • Trip planned where the whole goal is to propose

  • Full-on engagement party

I also put together a proposal quiz!

If you want to know what the best style/type of proposal is best for you and your significant other, check it out!

If you know someone that is wanting to propose but doesn’t really know where to start, share this article! And feel free to contact us at

We would LOVE to help.



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