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#20: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

We are sharing REAL WEDDING PLANNING MOMENTS where the small stuff happened, common ways people sweat the small stuff (that we wish they didn’t!), and how to avoid it.

You know, all those moments that catch you off guard after all your amazing planning, and somehow, things still seem to happen right? UGH. I know - but we hope listening in today makes you smile, puts things in a positive perspective, and helps you to not sweat the small stuff.

Do wedding professionals "sweat the small stuff"?

In this episode, we shared REAL MOMENTS where the small stuff happened, and what better way than starting off with examples where we were the ones sweating? Yes - wedding professionals absolutely sweat the small stuff at times too, especially when we first start in the industry. It isn’t until years of experience that we genuinely feel rooted and have been there and seen that enough times to know not only that it’s going to be okay but how to either make the best of the situation - OR how to avoid it all in the first place. At the end of the day, some things are just going to happen, they’ll be completely out of your control - like the weather - and even with the best-laid plans, it’s normal for something to pop up. Our hope is that it’s something small, or you are a true exception and nothing does occur.

Amanda's Real-Life Moment: Forgotten wedding veil

Oops! Let's just say that getting ready off-site does mean that sometimes things can be left behind or forgotten. Take a moment to do a second sweep or look at the room or house to make sure you have those important items. The morning of the wedding the bridal party was in a hotel suite - super fun, laid back, and made it easy to get ready. When it was time to head to the venue everything (we thought) was packed up to head to the ceremony and reception site. Unfortunately, when the dress was grabbed the veil must have fallen off and unknowingly was left in the back corner of the closet. Also, it never helps to surround yourself with people who can look out after things for you. Spoiler alert: the veil made it to the ceremony in time and is officially in the photos.

Jenna's Real-Life Moment: Signature drink syrup

In the episode, Jenna shared how for her own wedding day the bar order arrived but was missing one important ingredient. They had planned signature drinks - and spent nights trying recipes to find the perfect combination for their day. When everything arrived though - a necessary ingredient was nowhere to be found. Without this ingredient the signature drink? Not so signature. They spent the morning calling around the metroplex to finally find it, drive to get it and save the day.

How Jenna handled it is pretty common - she called in the guys to take care of it. Luckily, they tend to take way less time to get ready and have time to spare.

Here's the thing - Jenna was actually the bar manager at the venue they were married at, meaning she knew what she was doing more than most, and supply chain issues still happened. When it does - it's usually out of our control and although a big bummer to your plans it does not mean you need to sweat it. Ask for help, take a breath and refocus on what truly matters.

Eylin's Real-Life Moment: Coordinating with nerves

It's no secret that even wedding professionals get nervous and Eylin shares just that. Our heart and goal is that your day, timeline, and details come together and go smoothly. The secret sauce to an amazing wedding professional though? Being able to think quickly, under pressure for those who know what to happen and get things back on track. Little bumps are bound to happen - but if you've hired a team that is experienced and good at what they do then you can rest assured they will be there to guide your day.

So you probably heard in another episode how long we’ve each been in the industry, so you know that with more than 23 years combined between the three of us that we have seen a bunch. Most of the time - the little things that really worry couples vary, but in the greater scope some of them are way more common than others.

Here are super common topics or things that tend to make couples stress the small stuff:

- Venue flips: When you're using a space for different set-ups it can seem overwhelming due to the moving pieces. Having a plan, making sure your team knows it and is ready can ensure things go smoothly and can easily avoid any hiccups.

- Weather: We get it - all we want is for every couple to have the perfect, beautiful day even if you are planning your ceremony and reception indoors. This is one thing that is completely out of everyone's control so take a breath and rest assured in your plan (and your plan b). If you've already thought it through then you can just focus on other things.

- Toasts: Please oh please tell everyone you would like to give a toast in advance so they can plan, write it out, and not be caught off guard. Also, make sure they know when in the timeline they are speaking so that they are not missing/nowhere to be found when it's time to speak.

- Feeling rushed: Being organized, having a timeline and a professional to execute it is with so so much. Your job is to live in the moment, soak in every memory, and not be checking the clock constantly.

- Second guessing: When you choose your details, colors and make your wedding choices you spent time comparing options before saying "this is it", please don't cause yourself any additional stress by circling back and feeling unsure months/weeks later. The details may be one of our favorite parts of planning BUT absolutely nothing is more important than your relationship and what the celebration is truly about.

"At the end of the day you are going to be marrying your best friend." – Jenna

Our tips to help skip the wedding day stress.

So how can you minimize stress, little (or big things) from happening unexpectedly? Here are our quick thoughts and tips for you!

- choose pros you trust to be there

- be prepared, organized and don't wait until the last minute

- hiring a wedding coordinator (a GREAT one)

- focus on what is important

How can you be prepared? Make a list (or 5), and talk to people about what stresses you out and what should be happening that day. If the core people around you know what is going on and what you are worried about then they can step up and help more during the day and make decisions for you without bringing you all the small questions and details.

Still a little worried? Tune into the episode and hear how Jenna's marriage license went missing and the simple steps it took to fix it. You've got this!



This Episode was hosted by AMANDA

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