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#08: Missing Cousin, Wandering Grandpa

Wedding stories are often stressful at the moment, but so much fun to look back on and laugh over with those who were there.

Can’t have a hello bestie series without answering the #1 question we get asked as wedding professionals. BUT before we get to that… we have a special guest for this episode!

We met our guest actually at work and the fun memories have not stopped since. She is an amazing artist and headed off to graduate school in Kansas to follow her dreams. On the side she is one of the two that make up the duo behind the lens with In Love Photography.

You can find her Instagram: @abby_stephens_art

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So, one thing we always get asked from our friends, our couple's family members, and most people outside the event/wedding industry is for crazy stories from events. If you’ve ever worked in the wedding industry you know it’s bound to happen. Odds are if you have attended a few weddings you have a couple of our own awesome stories. From jumping in the pool during a reception, inappropriate mishaps, sweet but unknowing family members photobombing romantic moments, and amazing dance moves that end up with a trip to the emergency room the list is never-ending. We have a feeling this will be a repeat topic so we'll just touch base on a few stories in this episode.

Missing Wedding Cake

This amazing couple had such a special day, complete with a video from family overseas. This was Abby’s first wedding as lead and it had a crazy surprise. It began before the ceremony even started and luckily (way to go Abby) our team was well aware and already had plan b in motion. With a few trips to every local grocery store, a replacement was able to be found. Definitely not the same as plan a but at least there was cake at the end of the evening!

Left in the dark: wedding day

A worry that is rare, but absolutely a big one is power shortages. Out of the control of anyone onsite things like that do happen and are one of those that you simply can only plan so much for. This actually happened to another North Texas venue just this summer due to an issue not even on the venue property but further up the "chain" and luckily ended well when the utility provider was able to repair the issue in time for the celebration. Jenna shares a story that turned into a night to remember full of some creative thinking and great times.

Of course, some stories begin with alcohol, and what most of them have in common is that their party begins long before arriving at the wedding which of course makes vendors, especially the bartender's job trickier.

Wandering grandpa, missing cousin

Have you ever lost a family member at a wedding? What about almost losing two? This story ended well but had so many twists and turns that it still makes our heads spin talking about it!

Weddings are full of surprises

Take it from the four of us, we've been there and seen just about any/everything. We can navigate a wedding day half asleep with our eyes closed and while hopping on one foot... Okay, maybe we aren't physically coordinated enough to do that but you get the general idea. Regardless of all the prep work, planning, and past experience when you get a large group of people together things are going to happen. It's how you react, what you do from there, and how you move past it that matters. Laughter doesn't hurt either - in fact, it helps quite a bit.



This Episode hosted by AMANDA

Meet our guest Abby over on Instagram

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