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#11: Our Favorite Untraditional Wedding Trends

Weddings are personal, and so should be the decorations and small touches!

If you’ve been following along with us then you know we are on the final part of our tea on trends. We could not wrap it up without talking about some unique and untraditional touches couples do.

wedding inspiration unique ideas

Being honest (because hi bestie! Nothing but the truth for you), we are all about incorporating something that is special and not what most would think of as traditional wedding touches.

I get it though - planning a wedding takes a lot of creativity, a bunch of time, and a bit of thinking outside of the box. Simply put, it’s exhausting to even try to think of unique and fun touches after you’ve planned and covered all the basics.

Here’s the thing though. Maybe, just a thought… you’re just overthinking it?

Hear me out - this is all new, overwhelming and at times the excitement turns into a constant to-do list that seems like everyone has an opinion on. For those of us who are in the industry and know the “basics” of planning already, it’s exciting, and an amazing opportunity to express you and your partner’s relationship. You get to share it with the world - well, your world and that’s all that matters right?

So since we are here to help - we are going to give you examples of what others have done that were a huge hit and then a few tips to skip the stress and easily come up with those unique aspects your celebration deserves.

Real quick - if you’re still working on those basic aspects let me point you to a quick and easy resource. The first one is our amazon list - shop away friends! We've pulled together the basics - where to start in a manner of speaking. Look, add it to the cart, and check it off your list HERE.

Now to the wedding trends

Untraditional trends in 2022 have got to be some of my personal favorites! It seems like couples, and events in general (not just weddings) are really saying “forget the boring stuff we really aren’t interested in, let’s keep it personalized and true to us!” It really changes the atmosphere during celebrations in the best way possible. Event budgets are being used more for details and decor that provide an experience, and the creativity behind it is incredible.

Here are a few examples of what we mean by that

Wedding Florals -

Rather than keeping these beautiful arrangements in a vessel on a table, or sitting on the floor at the bottom of a staircase they are more and more becoming a piece of art or even interactive - as they absolutely deserve to be! Greenery walls (faux) are being paired with real floral accents and used for photo backdrops but also for seating arrangement displays or behind a couples table or a lounge setting. Another of my personal favorites is hanging floral installs. Picture this, you enter the reception following a beautiful ceremony and as you take each step you are surrounded by beautiful, fragrant colorful flowers hanging above you forming a tunnel. We’ve seen this trend slowly emerging and growing in creativity for the past couple of years and let me tell you EEK I am ready for it. If you’re more into trees and greenery then a simple twist on this would do the trick. I once attended an event hosted by The Knot where the entry had faux trees, with staff on step ladders there to “pick” chocolates and treats from the tree to hand you for a sweet treat.

Childhood dream unlocked - treats growing on a tree.

Lounge areas during cocktail hour

Another great example of turning normal decor into a unique experience is the trend with lounge settings. Every style of event, from outdoor garden vibes to elegant and even industrial modern are putting its own twist on this. It’s allowing guests to enjoy something so expected (seating) in a new and above-and-beyond way to connect, fellowship, and create memories with others in attendance. Picture a reception with assigned seating - how much networking or visiting with family do you think is expected? Versus an outdoor area complete with couches, chairs, and tables coordinated to the style and colors perhaps paired with an outdoor bar and passed hors d'oeuvres.

Food trends in North Texas

Speaking of food (yum) - we get spoiled here in North Texas with so many options. During weddings particularly, we see many cultures coming together with the marriage of two amazing people! Guests jump at the opportunity to try some of the couples’ favorites. If you want to include a few dishes without making the whole meal specific try serving them as small bites or hors d'oeuvres before the reception begins.

Specialty desserts are a huge hit as well from wedding cookies, to replacing the cake with a favorite sweet treat the options are endless. Not sure where to start? Find that local baker you were thinking of hiring for a cake anyways and see what else they offer - from cinnamon rolls to hand pies or even macaroons there is no need to settle for something you don’t like just because you think you have to do it.

In the episode, we’ve covered quite a few more examples and ideas that made even us seasoned wedding pros excited so be sure to listen in if you need more ideas with decor, exits, signs, and more.

Use your style and add these personalized touches to your celebration.

In episode 9 we talked about 5 questions to go over with your partner to find your perfect wedding style. If you missed it be sure to go back after this and listen in - they’re a great start before you get to these more specific/ personalized details.

These two questions below are a great way to dive a little deeper to ensure your event and where you spend both your time and money are true to the two of you and what you are celebrating.

unique wedding decor ideas texas blog

So take some paper and pens on your next date night together and take 5 minutes to each write your own answers to the questions below:

  • What are 3 - 5 things that make you feel peaceful and happy, or are something you would surround yourself with in your home?

  • What are 5 of your favorite memories together?

Now compare your lists and highlight any of the same stuff - time to incorporate those for sure!

The other items? Those are a perfect way to each bring your own side to the reception. Don’t forget that the celebration is about both of you starting one life together.



This Episode hosted by AMANDA

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