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#12: Don't Even Get Me Started!


WARNING: Don’t you think about messing with someone's wedding day… you’ll have to answer us.

Hear us out… we LOVE wedding days. If we work with you on your wedding day, we’ve got your back. We don’t want ANYTHING swooping in to affect your day. Here are just (some) of the things that make us what to pull our hair out and go into bodyguard/protective mode for our client's sake.

Vendors No-Calling and No-Showing on Wedding Day

This has got to be #1 on our list. Not only does the couple lose out on money, but it puts them in a position not to have the item or service that the vendor provides or leaves someone scrambling to find a replacement last minute. We love working with other vendors in the wedding industry and supporting other small businesses, so this one hurts. Nothing quite gets our blood boiling like this.

The "Coordinator"

Now, hear us out. Coordinators play a very important and special role on a wedding day. We aren’t talking about a coordinator with years of experience and an impressive resume. We are talking about the cousin that has only attended one wedding being the “coordinator”. We love the drive and initiative! And we truly hope cousin will be the up-and-coming #bossbabe in the wedding industry. But, odds are, this isn't the case. The night normally ends with someone crying and it’s normally the overwhelmed cousin with too much on their plate if you are interested in breaking into the wedding industry that’s AMAZING! Contact a planner, wedding venue, coordinator, etc. To start building that valuable experience before going out on your own.

Guests showing up hours before the wedding ceremony

Okay! We LOVE on-time guests! Being early is important (as you will see in the next topic) HOWEVER, showing up and getting out of the car more than 30 minutes early is a bit too much. Couples are normally on a strict timeline because they are managing so many different vendors' hours! If photos need to be done before OR any first looks are taking place you might see the outfits that have been hidden for a reason. Give them the opportunity to hide away before showing up. Most of the time, they don’t want to be seen. We have seen disappointment sweep across our client's faces as they see 8 of their guests staring at them from across the room.

Guests showing up late

This is seriously fine! .. It happens to everyone. There's traffic, the GPS sends you in the wrong direction, and the list can go on & on... It’s how you handle the situation WHEN you are late. DO NOT walk down the aisle while the processional is going on. Wait until the wedding party & the couple have made it to the head of the aisle and try to sneak around the side. OR just wait until the ceremony is over and go straight to the reception!

Amanda has been late to a wedding before and it was the worst-case scenario…. THE CEREMONY WAS AT RIGHT BY THE ENTRANCE, so there was no way to drive by without being seen by the couple & guests. They hid on the main road during the ceremony and it became their mission to stop traffic from going past the entrance gates. They kept all other guests from driving by the ceremony and SAVED THE DAY! I mean, I know it isn’t THAT serious… but those are the things you want to think about as a guest at someone else's wedding!

A family member or friend is decorating without taking the couple's vision into consideration

This sounds very specific but it has happened so many times! It comes from a sweet place most of the time, but it can get overwhelming for couples. If you are a person that has a very specific vision for your wedding day, then this might be a difficult situation for you. We have had countless couples ask us to “lose items” (i.e. hide items) that family members have included that the couple does not like. Talk to your coordinator about helping out! Or, you can simply ask the family member to plan all the decorations for another wedding event, like a shower, rehearsal dinner, or post-wedding brunch!

Drunk guests during exit

Don’t be this person. Sometimes a couple's exit consists of fire (sparklers) and most times exits are documented through photo/video. We have had intoxicated guests hold up the exit (while the couple is ready to go), almost set themselves on fire, and (worst of all) peeing in the driveway during exit, while all guests are outside. That’s right folks! Photographer, videographer AND all guests outside - including kids. We love seeing guests have a fun time at weddings! But we hate seeing it get out of control and affect the couple's wedding day.

Well, we think this has been enough for you to at least understand SOME of our wedding day pet peeves. All in all, remember this is a night that the couple might have been planning for a LONG time and have been excitedly anticipating. If you are a vendor, family member, or friend of the two, keep that in mind. If you want to hear MORE things that you shouldn’t even get us started about, tune into the podcast! We dive deeper into other topics like no one on the dancefloor, guests talking to couples while eating, and MORE!

Let us know what we can’t even get YOU started about on wedding days! We need to hear it!!



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