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#30: Rock your timeline: morning of

So you've barely slept a wink, but now it's officially morning! And.... you have hours to kill. Literally hours.

So today we are going to give you ALL the things you should and should not do this morning.

wedding morning dos and donts

Step One: Where you stay and pet care on your wedding day

How close are you to the venue? In our opinion - the closer the better! You never know with traffic, weather, and all the last-minute surprises that can pop up to delay your day. So keep it simple - stay close by at a hotel, air BnB etc.

If you are like us - you also have pets to think of. Of course, there are helpful apps to schedule a pet sitter, but there are so many local options for pet care, camps, daycare, and even event professionals who specialize in being your pets plus one both at the wedding or off-site.

Step Two: Loading the car

TRICKY tricky! Load the vehicles the day before - seriously, don't save things until the last minute. The main exceptions would be:

  • Beautiful suits, dresses, veil

  • Jewelry

  • Overnight bag

  • Coffee

Also bonus - if it's already packed up, then it's even easier to hand it off and delegate. Letting the people around you who would love to assist do just that while also making sure you get to relax and enjoy your day even more.

If you're worried about asking or letting people help then hire a professional to do the busy work for you.

Things to kick start your day:

  • BREATHE, relax and be ready to soak it in

  • Start with a glass of water

  • Hit the button to turn on the coffee maker

  • Eat a great breakfast - skip greasy and go with something light that you enjoy

  • Take a break from your phone

  • Let your maid of honor keep the millions of questions and people away from you

Psst... maid of honors, since you are here already go ahead and DELETE all the weather apps on their phone. They hired professionals to take care of things and enjoy so no need to be distracted.

4 Things to NOT DO on wedding morning:

1 - Do not do "all" the things. Someone else can drop off the drinks, set up your decor, or carry in a million boxes. We want to see you relaxing and all smiles. If you are hands-on and you want to be part of the decorating - you already designed it, give them an example. Try setting up only 1 table and step away. Pop in when they are done for a "room reveal" to see your vision all together, and if you really want to set aside 10 minutes for a decor "touch up".

2 - Don't drive yourself. If you both drive and you have an exit car, an uber or someone else driving you get tricky at the end of the night.

3 - Don't wait until the day of to pass out your timeline, floorplan, details, etc. Just send it to them in advance or at the rehearsal. Let your wedding professional guide the day and don't even worry about looking at it.

4 - Don't start a new skincare routine!

wedding planning tips for couples

Ways to relax on the wedding morning

  • Make sure you already planned for plenty of time to not feel rushed for getting ready or decorating.

  • Music! We all know a great playlist is worth 1000 memories.

  • Candles - something relaxing to set the scene

  • Food and beverages: keep some of your favorites in the dressing area that is light and easy to eat without messing up your makeup.

  • Keep the dressing room picked up

  • Double-check the room/house before leaving for your ceremony or venue so you don't forget anything

Things to remember on the wedding day

  • Introduce your wedding party/parents to your venue representative, and wedding professionals so that they can chat and leave you out of the loop to enjoy your day.

  • Write each other a sweet note, and share an intimate special moment together.

  • Tips for vendors: have them in a sealed/titled envelopes and give them to someone to pass off.

  • Photo details box prepared: have your vow books, rings, marriage license, wedding invitations, perfume, hair piece, etc. Anything you want your photographer to get photos of before everything starts.

  • CELEBRATE: whether you do something fun like golf, stop by your favorite breakfast/coffee spot, it does not need to be big but it should bring you smiles.



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