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#22: Details and Decor for Your Wedding

Can you think of anything more exciting than details & decor when it comes to weddings? I can’t!

6 places you need wedding decor

If you can’t tell from past blogs, we can’t get enough of couples utilizing decorations that let their personalities, style, and relationship shine.

We have free checklists, fun date night questions and more so scroll on friends!

Determining your Wedding Style

A wedding style is the overall design, and feel of the wedding. Knowing your style will make picking decor SOOO much easier. So before we really dive into details and decor let's have a quick recap in case you haven't tuned into our episode all about that.

Examples of styles you might think of or have seen others do would include: Modern, Elegant, Rustic, Garden, etc. Each of those styles could lean or go a completely different route. We have couples visit and tell us their style is simple and elegant. When we ask them to share more some say candles, glass vases, greenery, and minimal florals while others say gold accents, single stem florals with a pop of dusty blues, and no wooden accents in sight.

To learn more about wedding styles & wedding themes, check out Style Vs. Themes Blog or listen to

wedding style quiz for your significant other

How do you get from your style to determining decor and other items that can bring out your style?

First off, just start looking through social media - you will find so much inspiration! Look up local event rental companies in your area because they will have newer, upcoming trendy items or items that are timeless. Do you have any local styled shoot companies? People who put on styled shoots love thinking outside of the box and normally use local companies so you can find inspiration while also determining where you can rent those items you love from!

Ask your pros! If you have already booked a photographer or venue, odds are they have some great connections with other vendors.

Look at home decor inspiration. Weddings are behind in the trends with home styles/decor. So if you want to find something unique that is still modern & trendy - look at what is popular in home decor.

Transporting/Setting Decor

packing wedding decor tips

Let’s talk about some ways that you can get decor organized so well that, quite literally, anyone can set it up for you! It doesn’t matter if it is a team of professionals or just your close family and friends that don’t have an eye for decorating at all.

  1. Organize with bins! Organize bins based on what they are for (table #1, table #2, sweetheart table, cake table, entry/sign-in table, etc.).

  2. Lists: Over label/explain things so you don't have to worry about doing anything the day of!

  3. Photos: Take photos of the decor set up, exactly how you want it set up. All your set-up crew will be on the same page and make your vision come to life perfectly!

  4. If you can’t decide how to set up until you are there the day of, then I recommend allotting yourself enough time to set one table up for your team. Then all they have to do is replicate it on your other tables!

  5. If you have the decor but you really don’t care or don’t have a specific vision for how it should look, that is fine! In this case, I recommend asking someone you trust when it comes to style and decorating (professional or friend/family) and let them know that they have free will with the design choices. I still recommend seeing if you approve after one table is complete as any little changes will be easier to solve at that point in decorating vs waiting until the

Additional Tips

Let's chat about cake items really quickly. There are some "basics" you want to remember to think up, but bonus this is a PERFECT area to select items you can keep forever or skip the work all together and rent a complete set pre-designed from a local company like our friends and host's rental business: Honey Do Event Rentals.

This includes items such as: cake cutters, decor specific for the cake/dessert table, specialty drinkware for you two to toast, cake stands and a backdrop.

Let's not forget some of the most forgotten items for setting up decor!

The main three? Scissors, safety pins, fishing line

As you're setting up, you want things to be as close to done as possible, but we know that you can’t light candles at noon when your guests aren’t arriving until 6 PM. The BEST thing you can do is to still have the candles ready. What that means is: Pull them out of their boxes, sit them in the vase they go in, with the wicks up (straight in the air) and ready to light.

Electronic candles or lights? No problem! Have them sat out next to the container that they go in so someone can just flip them on and pop them in quickly. Be sure they have batteries, any packaging is removed - and yes that means the tiny little plastic tabs they stick in the batteries to pull out before use.

Needing water in vases for flowers or floating candles? Go ahead and get the water ready to go!

Time: We cannot stress this enough - you need time!

Even a team of pros would need 1-2 hours to do tablescapes

Dishware: Caterers or rental companies normally require items to be scraped & rinsed. (Some even require them to come back washed, so make sure you check with the company). If you are in charge of these duties, you will want to hire someone to do that while you and your guests are dancing and celebrating. It takes a lot of time!


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