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#09: Wedding Themes

This is our first episode on the Tea on Trends and I get to start it off by talking about Styles/Themes. I simply can’t get enough of this.

Hello, again my friends! It’s Jenna here and I am sooo excited about this new series AND this episode I get to host.

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What is a Wedding Theme or Wedding Style?

As I was doing research for this episode, I did a quick google search for “Wedding Themes” and to my surprise, I saw countless articles using the terms “Wedding Themes” and “Wedding Styles” interchangeably. In my opinion, and based on how my brain has started to categorize wedding terminology after 5 years in the industry, I view Themes as an overarching aspect of your event.

Wedding Theme Examples:

Halloween, Disney, Garden, Day of the Dead

Whereas style is more about the visual aspect of your event. The personality of a wedding, and almost like picking a style for your home.

Style Examples: Style, Design, Atmosphere

From our discussion, we determined that we all believe that not all couples need a wedding theme. However, a wedding STYLE will always help with your vision of the day, so we definitely recommend always having a style in mind. A style will also help you and your significant other's vision and personality not get lost or left behind in the chaos of planning!

2022 Common Wedding Styles/Themes:

For this discussion, I started with Amanda who owns an Event Rental Company. So she sees a wide variety of trends apart from just the style of our venue. She said that she has noticed Victorian themes (thanks to the Netflix Original, Bridgerton), garden vibes, a lot of gorgeous florals, bold design choices, charges that aren’t solid, and unique glassware. On the other hand, she has also noticed more relaxed touches. It seems like couples are wanting to be their authentic selves, creative, and whatever brings them JOY to the design aspects. I LOVE that being yourself is a trend on the up & up because I LOVE seeing a couple's personality incorporated in a wedding!

Eylin’s Favorite Wedding Styles + Accents:

She is in it for the textures! It is definitely a newer trend to add different textures on table cloths, runners, etc. to your event. It brings more definition and a unique flair to your decor. She also LOVES the modern minimalist vibe.

Amanda’s Favorite Styles:

Earthy, natural feel. Greenery, gardens. She loves anything outdoors and nature so any time you can bring the outdoors in and incorporate it into a style, she becomes a fangirl.


Are you having difficulty coming up with your style?

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If so, Amanda has made a list of questions to ask yourself to help you determine the perfect style for you and your partner! Grab your partner, ask these questions, and discuss and answer them!

  1. What are 3-5 things you like to do together as a couple?

  2. What are 3-5 things we are absolutely NOT about?

  3. What would your dream living room look like together?

  4. What traditions have you seen at weddings that you love and what are some things you didn’t like?

  5. To find local rental companies in your area that rent out the FUN things. You will start to notice each company will have different styles themselves. Look through three different companies (with different styles) and start swiping through their Instagram photos and save the photos that you love. After you take a look at all of your interests together you might be able to find a common theme and have a visual of what your common interests include!

All in all, we love getting to see unique and personalized themes/styles. It allows your guests to take a step into your personality and life! And we promise - the wedding will mean so much to you and your partner for years to come.


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This Episode hosted by JENNA

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