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#54: 2023 - 10 Trends and How to Embrace Them

As we break into the 2nd half of 2023, it's time to explore the top wedding trends that are continuing to grow and that we see firsthand in the industry happening for events now - late 2024.

These are trends that are setting a statement in the region, and others from across the industry in other states and countries are sharing they see trending as well. In this episode, we'll highlight the ten hottest wedding trends and show you how YOU can embrace them at YOUR venue to create unforgettable experiences for your guests, or if you are a venue pro - how you can utilize these trends for your amazing couples.

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Today we are focusing on the 2023 Top 10 Wedding Trends we’re continuing to see in North Texas and how Venues specifically can embrace them. For our new listeners - you may be wondering “How in the world do you know how to make these happen at venues?” Well, since you’re asking let me put your mind at ease. I personally have been in the industry since 2009, and have owned a venue in North Texas since we officially began in 2014. My amazing co-host Jenna manages Hawthorn Hills Ranch in Krum, Texas, and we both have many years of experience working at/for other venues as well, so we are going to use all that venue first-hand knowledge and give you real, honest examples from a venue perspective so you have real-life ideas on how to execute those trends and put them into action.

Intimate Micro-Weddings:

With the ongoing shift toward more intimate gatherings, micro-weddings continue to gain popularity. If this interests you you’re probably wondering how can you embrace this without missing out on all the “photo moments” you still want to incorporate from a more traditional wedding day.

Lucky for you we started micro-weddings at the end of 2019, and inclusive packages in January of 2020 so we’ve tried many varieties and are happy to make this easy! Grab our free timeline examples (brunch or evening) as a starting point to guide your day.

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1 - Transform Large Space for Micro-Wedding


1 - What are some ways you can turn a larger space, let’s say for 100 - 200 people into a micro-wedding setting for 40 or fewer guests?

So, for example - at Hawthorn Hills Ranch, our picturesque venue offers the perfect setting for couples seeking an intimate celebration surrounded by the beauty of nature. Our cozy indoor spaces and stunning outdoor landscapes ensure a romantic ambiance for smaller guest lists. Our micro weddings have more versatility as to where they say “we do’s” since they are not as limited on logistical space. Under our large trees? Creekside in the shade? In the wildflower fields or even indoors with our room dividing draping - there are many options and ways to make it a reality.

Speaking of draping - holy cow! If you are worried about a space being too large, this is your perfect secret weapon and allows you to truly define the area/space you want without being limited to wide-open spaces. Floorplans are also key - you would be surprised how moving tables a simple 12 inches in the correct direction can go from feeling too small to perfect.

2 - Sustainable Weddings:

Eco-consciousness is a growing concern among couples, and sustainability is a trend that's here to stay. We see this in a variety of ways on event days. Here are a few quick, and very common examples:

  1. Biodegradable exit items: tossing lavender instead of sparklers, using recycled paper to make airplanes (that ones perfect for our pilots), to throwing single stems or petals pulled from arrangements.

  2. Choosing businesses that value eco-friendly products or organic or locally sourced foods.

  3. Creating experiences for your guests such as photobooths that text instead of printing, bar menus customized with locally sourced ingredients, biodegradable bamboo straws, and real glassware that can be reused and washed (using our spring pulled well water instead of city water).

  4. Placecards or favors that are reusable and eco-friendly

  5. Have a plan for your beautiful floral arrangements: Are you moving them from ceremony to reception versus purchasing double the amount? Will you be donating them after the event to nursing homes, schools, etc.? Or do you have compost in mind for them?

At Hawthorn Hills Ranch, we embrace eco-friendly practices, from using biodegradable objects to strategic plans to protect and improve natural wildlife - both our cute animal friends and plants, to supporting local vendors and organic floral options (check out Laughing Earth in her journey to eliminate floral foam!). We provide couples with the opportunity to create a wedding that leaves a minimal carbon footprint without compromising on elegance and style.

3 - Boho - Chic Vibes:

Boho-chic weddings are all the rage but with a new twist. Rather than leaning into the rustic: burlap and lace this trend is highlighting the eco-friendly trend as well with lush garden, greenery, and floral accents paired with natural aspects from wooden pieces to woven (whether macrame, natural place settings) and natural colors. Neutrals, greens, and candles are all a base for this trend.

Hawthorn Hills Ranch offers the ideal backdrop for this free-spirited style. Our natural charm, with ranch-inspired architecture and serene countryside views, complements the bohemian aesthetic. Couples can incorporate lush floral arrangements, macramé details, and natural elements to bring their boho dreams to life.

4 - Outdoor Ceremonies:

Texas is blessed with stunning landscapes, and couples are increasingly opting for outdoor ceremonies to take advantage of the region's natural beauty. Outdoor ceremonies are being incorporated on rooftops, with industrial brick backdrops against warehouses and in garden or countryside settings. No more are couples only holding outdoor ceremonies hours from accommodations or the city - you can now find plenty of options within 10 minutes from hotels.

If you picture an outdoor ceremony be sure to ask venues when touring if they have done this in the past, where/what location options you have on the property, and how many the site(s) can accommodate. If they are unable to accommodate them ask if they have a recommendation of nearby (think less than 15 - 20 minute drive) that you may be able to use. Still no options? Time to focus on your decor and florals to make the indoors feel “outdoor”!

Hawthorn Hills Ranch boasts sprawling grounds, including a charming ceremony area sitting hillside with water features, or a more intimate setting for ceremony or photos nestled among the trees. With our versatile outdoor spaces, couples can exchange vows under the open sky, creating a magical and memorable experience for all.

5 - Vibrant Color Wedding Palettes:

Bold and vibrant color schemes are making a comeback in 2023. I have to say this is one of my absolute favorites! At the beginning of the year we saw quite a lot of purples and now we are seeing shades of orange, yellow and blues gain traction as well.

A neutral backdrop venue provides the perfect canvas for couples to infuse your own vision for the wedding with vibrant pops of color. Whether it's through vibrant floral arrangements, colorful tablescapes, or unique décor elements, a venue can accommodate a variety of color palettes to reflect each couple's individual style. If your venue is more difficult due to lighting (or lack of), wooden interior, or other major atmosphere/settings speak with your professionals or hire a professional decorator.

From draping to custom backdrops and lighting options, you will be in awe of how easily areas can be transformed!

6 - Interactive Wedding Reception Food Experiences:

Couples are seeking more than just a traditional sit-down dinner. They want interactive food experiences that engage their guests and create a memorable culinary journey. This could be a hands-on chef station to create their perfect stir fry, cotton candy being spun in front of you, or a marble slab of ice cream.

At Hawthorn Hills Ranch, we work closely with top-notch caterers who specialize in creating unique dining experiences. From food stations to food trucks and interactive chef demonstrations to personalized menus, we'll help you design a feast that delights the senses.

7 - Non-Traditional Entertainment for Your Reception:

Gone are the days of predictable wedding entertainment. Couples are now incorporating non-traditional elements to keep their guests entertained throughout the celebration. Most venues can offer various spaces for creative entertainment setups, whether it's a live band under the stars, a lawn game area, or even a surprise performance. Let your imagination run wild and craft an unforgettable experience for your loved ones.

8 - Ethereal Wedding Lighting:

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood for any event. Ethereal and romantic lighting designs are a top trend for 2023 weddings.

Venues can provide ample opportunities for creating enchanting lighting installations. From twinkling string lights to elegant chandeliers and lanterns, wedding professionals see setups come to life every weekend and can have simple fixes to what you may feel is a hurdle or impossible feat.

At Hawthorn Hills, we’ve had tents with lighting in our wildflower fields, strung lights draped above our courtyard for a twilight wedding ceremony, custom lighting lining the drive for exits, and indoor mapping.

9 - Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating:

Say goodbye to traditional rows of chairs! Couples are getting creative with ceremony seating arrangements. Ceremonies are trending with more visually pleasing set-ups such as circular or spiral seating, lounge-style seating areas, or even a mix of seating styles. Embrace this trend and create an inviting and personalized space where your guests can feel a part of the ceremony.

10 - Personalized Wedding Guest Experiences:

Couples are looking for ways to make their weddings truly reflective of their personalities and love stories. We believe in crafting personalized experiences tailored to each couple's vision. Your dedicated wedding team will work closely with you to incorporate unique touches and details that make your wedding day truly one-of-a-kind.

As the wedding industry evolves, it's essential for venues to stay ahead of the trends and offer couples the best experiences possible. From intimate micro-weddings and sustainable practices to embracing boho-chic vibes and personalized touches, our venue is dedicated to creating unforgettable memories for every couple.


This topic was co-hosted with our friends at a Denton Texas Event Venue. We invite you to visit Hawthorn Hills Ranch in Krum, Texas, and see how we can bring your wedding vision to life amidst the breathtaking beauty of North Texas.

Schedule a tour at our Hawthorn Hills Ranch and start planning your dream wedding in North Texas today!

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