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#26: Sharing the News

So you got engaged!

How exciting, take it in and soak up all of the excitement with your new fiance! Now it’s time to share the news with your closest family, and friends, and YELL IT TO THE WORLD!

But wait… is there a correct way to do this? Should you call family and friends first or should you just post right away on social media? We unpack all of these questions and more!

newly engaged celebration

Should you post on social right away or share the info with those you’re closest to first?

I personally wanted to share the news with family and close friends first. I wanted to show them that we cared about them by giving them a call or sending a text and/or picture specifically to them!

Once you do finally bite the bullet and share the news with the internet, what specifically should you (and more importantly) should you NOT share? We have some words of advice/recommendations below!

What to Share with the Internet when you're engaged

  • DO share photos! Show off that ring, the happy moment, a photo of the two of you, SHARE IT ALL! People love to see all the details.

  • DO share the story. Write out a recollection of the events, what you were thinking and feeling. Again, as many details as possible! Friends will love it, but the best part - you get to scroll and reread it whenever you want. As the details and memories start to fade, you will be able to have it all written out for you and your partner.

  • DO keep focus on engagement. Some people might try to redirect the conversation to your plans for a wedding or the next step. We recommend saying “we are just enjoying our engagement for now” so you won’t have to share any unnecessary details with all of your audience.

  • DON’T give away details about wedding plans online. Sharing specifics with the internet is a dangerous game. If you do not have the space or funds to invite every single friend/follower on social media, don't share the location, date or time to your feed.

proposal tips and engagement party

What should you expect after sharing the news?

  • Excitement and seeing how big your “community” is. Watching you and your partner's family and friends come together and sharing excitement over you is one of the coolest feelings. This is one of the coolest parts of social media in my opinion.

  • People putting the pressure on you. Asking questions like when’s the date, what are your colors, where are you getting married?

  • Some people on social media will assume that they are invited and will begin to ask questions right after announcing your engagement.

Tips (or unsolicited advice) from friends who have been there/seen that.

Sometimes you get some GOLDEN advice from someone you may never expect, or even ask for it. On the flip side that definitely means you're most likely getting advice that you might just let go in one ear and out the other - don't worry, your secret is safe with u

Along that note, let's end this one with one of our own tips - that you didn't ask for but we hope you'll agree with.

"Enjoy the engagement. This is a huge step that you have taken together. Planning can come with stress. So give yourself the opportunity & time to enjoy it!" - Behind the Party Podcast


This Episode hosted by JENNA


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