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#07: Un-Coordinated

Wedding professionals: is it possible to be uncoordinated in such a detailed career?

As wedding pros, we are in a highly coordinated and structured atmosphere. Something that can be difficult for some professionals is feeling comfortable being true to ourselves without clients thinking it affects our professionalism. It can be a tricky balance (pun not intended but perfect for this topic).

It’s a priority for our team, just like most wedding professionals, to connect with our couples. We want you to know we are people too, and you can be your authentic self with us. So, since we are sharing a bit more about us in this series I’m ripping off the bandaid and risking it all to share something that hits home for the three of us.

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This won’t be a surprise but weddings are probably the main area that we are super organized, coordinated, and put together. During a normal office day if someone were to get a glimpse… well, let’s just say I think they would be FULLY entertained. When the 3 of us are working together, and not to say we are a mess, but we kind are all sorts of uncoordinated.

I (Amanda), personally like to think of it as our way of getting it out of our system before the wedding day. During meetings and visits with our couples it gives us something to laugh about, relaxes any tension in regards to the weight of planning, and couples/clients get to really know the real us.

This series is all about getting got know the voices behind the mics so let's check it out!

Amanda - I am totally the worst at losing things in plain sight, particularly my coffee and my phone. Call it mom brain if you’d like but usually, if I am being honest, my littles are the ones who find all my missing items quickly and have a great laugh with me.

Another thing I am always sure to provide everyone with is a great laugh at how HORRIBLE I am with remembering names. The worst yet? Well… you should listen to the episode for that one. Let’s just say that best man was a great sport about it and I have a feeling they are probably still having a great laugh about it to this day.

Jenna - So you’ve probably learned from listening that she is a communication guru. Not only did she study it in school and totally revamp our process but she always helps correct our grammar i emails, documents, and everyday conversations. (Ps - so sorry if there are any typos/issues in these show notes Jenna!)

So what would she consider her how "uncoordinated" feature? Being so great with copy words but not so quick with speaking/thoughts is usually where Jenna fumbles and struggles. Personally, I think she may just do that to make us all feel a bit better but only she would know for sure.

Speaking of fumbling….

Eylin - our professional dancer (how cool is it she not only went to university for it but still teaches classes?!). She is always stressing us with her graceful falls as a dancer. Her poor ankles have had more trauma and injury from normal walking and fun dancing than they expected.

Also, if you’ve ever emailed us you may have noticed her signature includes a request to excuse any typos. We have an ongoing group chat of screenshots of the fabulous words she’s created. We think she’s only a few verbs away from completing her own language so stay tuned for that.

Wedding professionals are people too

They say that your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness right? WELP. It appears that we are a statistical confirmation on that one!

Thanks for letting us bring our authentic, silly selves to the show and for rolling (or falling if you’re Eylin) with it. We want you to know we are here to support, encourage and help you but we didn’t think it fair if we didn’t be transparent with you too!


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